• Cooking with Ms.Smithson!

    Cooking with Ms.Smithson!

    Elizabeth Duran, Writer, Editor in Chief, Photographer

    October 13, 2016

    Everyone loves to eat, so why not participate in a class where you can learn to cook and prepare some of your favorite dishes? Culinary Arts is a great class offered on campus for those who have a passion for food and are enthusiastic about learning all things food. Ms. Smithson is one of the culinary... READ MORE »»

    Ms. Smithson, demonstrating proper food handling and kitchen safety tips.

  • Teacher Interview: Mrs. Alpert

    Teacher Interview: Mrs. Alpert

    Juliet Garcia, Writer, Editor, Photographer

    October 13, 2016

    Teachers, teachers, teachers, wouldn't you like to know more about them? Here at Santiago High School we have so many incredible teachers! One of them is Mrs. Alpert, a history teacher! A few words to describe her is funny, sweet, and also very smart! Mrs. Alpert has been teaching at Santiago for 13... READ MORE »»

    Mrs. Alpert History teacher

  • Santiago High Football

    Santiago High Football

    Nina Munoz, Writer, Editor, Photographer

    October 13, 2016

    Football...It's a sport that's been played since November of 1869 against Rutgers and Princeton the first game ever in history. Over time it evolved from rugby football to American football. Here at Santiago amazing players are born. For example, they are here Monday-Thursday from 3-5 and even though... READ MORE »»

    "Lets go cavaliers"

    Nina Munoz

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