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Story 1:My Summer Vacation

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I’m a new journalism student at Santiago High School. As a warm up my first assignment was to talk about myself and share my summer experience. I did a lot of things over the summer so I thought it would be easy, sharing about myself was a little more difficult but here goes.  

My name is Emily Moctezuma I’m a freshman at Santiago High School, my birthday is on January 23, 2003 and I love to play basketball. I was raised in Santa Ana and I live with my mom, dad and 12 year old brother. We live in an apartment with an awesome pool and mini park. I don’t have pets currently but would love to get a German Shepard its just hard having a large pet in an apartment. My favorite food if Fettucini Alfredo and I adore cheesecake for dessert. My background is 100% Mexican and I love my culture. My family and I speak fluent Spanish. My mom was born Michoacan and my dad was born in Guerrero both are in various parts of Mexico.  My grandparents live in Mexico and we visit them once a year.

Now let me get started with what I did over the summer.  This past Auguts  I went to Las Vegas with my family for a quinceanera.  We stayed at a really really nice hotel named  Golden Nugget right on the Las Vegas strip.  It was so hot there,  not the hotel, I’m talking about out side Las Vegas it was over 100 degrees.   What really matters is that I had fun with my family. Then after four days of staying there we had to leave,  I was really upset that we had to leave, but  at the same time I wanted to go back home because I missed my home and friends. It was great getting back and into my normal routine. I got to share my summer travel experiences with my friends and show some interesting photos.

After 2 months of  summer  I really wanted to go back to school to see my teacher, check out my new classes and at the same time I didn’t want my summer to end.  I was for sure going to miss sleeping until 12 P.M..  Honestly  I was ready  to start high school and a begin a new chapter in my life   I was really happy and really nervous at the same time  but all that matters is that I was going back to school prepared.

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  • Story 1:My Summer Vacation


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  • Story 1:My Summer Vacation


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Story 1:My Summer Vacation