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AP Classes and Junior Year

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Stressed Junior year?  You have all the right to be, especially if you are one of the many juggling 2-3 AP classes.  Going from zero to two college level classes is a lot to adjust to. I spoke to one girl on campus that is a prime example.  Her name is Jinell Sorich and she also has two AP classes.  She has APLAC and APUSH this year, when last year she had no AP classes.  Jinell is a very bright student. She had straight A’s both Freshmen and Sophomore year.  She is very hard working and always tries her best.  But for some reason her grades aren’t looking as good this year.

I decided to explore the issue a little further and ask her why she thinks that is.  “I have been very stressed. Getting used to more challenging, college level classes is hard and sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed.”  That is understandable and I’m sure we can all relate.  We’re all human and even though sometimes we really want to, there’s no way to freeze the clock so that we can juggle everything in our lives.

Junior year is a year of prioritizing, this is the year when you have to decide what comes first and what are the most important things to you.  Let’s see what Jinell had to say about this topic, “The most important thing in my life is my family. It’s very hard to spend time with my family as well as get all my work done and study.  My twin sister, Janey, has the same classes as I do and also struggles to spend quality time with me and the rest of my family.” I also asked Jinell how she feels to know that if she spends more time with her family that theres a chance her grades would go down.  “It’s really tough. Everyone told me that Junior year would be very the most challenging and now I know how overwhelming it is and I don’t know how I am going to able to handle everything in my life.  I feel like I have to choose and my parents are a big help, encouraging me to stay focused on school for right now because in my parent’s eyes my education and success comes first.”  It’s amazing to have such a supporting family.  However it’s really hard junior year when there is so much work and so little time.

There is a lot of work that comes eleventh grade but there isn’t a lot we as students can do about it. The only thing we can do is have a positive attitude.  Soon Jinell as well as other juniors will be able to adjust.  Getting good grades is imperative to your future and sometimes there isn’t time for anything else.  All we can do is cherish the moments we have with our family and know that all of the hard work will pay off in the end.  Don’t worry Jinell  as well as anyone who is just very overwhelmed this year, do your best and you will succeed.



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  • AP Classes and Junior Year


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  • AP Classes and Junior Year


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AP Classes and Junior Year