Homecoming Spirit Week

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Homecoming Spirit Week

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How the Santiago Cavaliers spent their first spirit week of the year.

The 2018-2019 school year has just begun, what better to commemorate this than with homecoming. For homecoming, the school holds a dance, a game, a pep-rally, and spirit week. Over the years the past spirit weeks have been chosen by the ASB, this year the weekdays were, Monday: Pajama day, Tuesday: Sports day, Wednesday: Theme day, Thursday: Senior/toddler day, and Friday: Purple/toga day (for seniors). Let’s see how the students here at Santiago pulled off their first spirit week of the year.

On Monday students came to school in their PJs, most of them brought their stuffed animals as well as robes and slippers. Pajama day was the easiest day to pull off, often student just wake up and go but some people put lots of effort into their look.

Tuesday students were either representing their favorite sports team or just wearing their school sports jersey. Many students could be seen in their soccer, football, or basketball jerseys. students were proud to wear their jerseys.

Wednesday was theme day, each class had a specific region of the world to dress as. Seniors were Polynesia, juniors were Europe, sophomores were Asia, and Freshmen were Mexico. The most common outfits seen around were huipils  (traditional Mexican shirts), ào dàis (traditional Vietnamese dresses), French mimes, and Hawaiian shirts and leis.

On Thursday students were dressed as either senior citizens or toddlers. Underclassmen dressed as senior citizens and the upperclassmen were toddlers. The underclassmen were seen with slippers, canes, and painted gray hair. The upperclassmen were spotted in onesies with pacifiers, and some put their hair in pigtails.

Friday was the most important day, Toga day for seniors and purple day for the rest of the classes. The seniors could be easily spotted in the togas in the sea of purple.  There were fancy togas, costume togas, and even DIY blanket togas. The idea of toga day originated from a 1978 movie, in the movie the students wore togas because they wanted to be viewed as intellectuals. The tradition was later adopted here at Santiago, now every year we have our senior toga day. Purple day was also a major success, many students wore their club or elective apparel. It was an easy way for students to display their interests and their hobbies. We say students with their band shirts, choir shirts, and even school spirit shirts.

Overall, this week was great for the students here at Santiago, many of them were able to show their creative side with the fun dress up days. Although homecoming week is over the fun has only just begun, there’s many more school events and dress up days to look forward to. Make sure you dress up to show your school spirit in the future.

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