Tech Trending in SHS Campus

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Tech Trending in SHS Campus

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Is this tech trend worth the use?


Without technology, how can we look for resources and entertain ourselves and how can we live if there is no technology? This is a question many have asked. In today’s world, technology is not only used for work, but also for socializing. When it comes to technology, everyone goes nuts for devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops because it seems like everyone has one and is using them to communicate on a daily basis.

I thought it would be interesting to find out what SHS students are using and tech trends on campus, so I came up with a variety of technology questions to ask various students. The questions included; usage of electronic devices that are immensely popular, items they can’t live without or overly used by people, and which students were interested in social media and digital resources. According to the people who I interviewed I found that the most popular technology items that everyone uses are laptops and phones. Laptops and smartphones can be great resources however, there are times they are not convenient and can be a hindrance.

Laptops and desktop computers have been used by people for many decades. They have become very efficient in terms of resources for education and business. Some examples are; making videos, financial documentation or work for production within specific companies. People don’t only use the computers and laptops for work, but also to entertain themselves with social media, videos, and to check the news. Computers and laptops have many benefits for people, but does that mean that they are created equal? No, each differentiates on the compatibility for storage, price if they are on tight budget, cool features that can help them get their work done easier, and the beneficial use due to power and compacity of storage.

To analyze the positives and negatives of computers and smartphones, I asked three seniors their opinions. I had the opportunity to speak to Ivan Esquivel, Lesley Solano, and Tony Mendez. They all shared comments on how they would choose their device. There were three factors; price,  convenience, and popularity. One of the seniors, Tony Mendez added that when he looks at new technology he believes that laptops are often slow and prefers his phone.  Another male senior, Ivan Esquivel said,” he would choose his laptop because it is more powerful and better than a smartphone”. Lastly, a female senior, Lesley Solano said, “Technology helps you gain access to school websites, programs, and other resources”.

To sum it all up, I believe that laptops and computers are great tools and are convenient for work, school, online business and entertainment.  I agree with all the people I interviewed, that it is very good to use technology. However, In my opinion, it depends on the brand, capacity, components and electronic boards that work the devices, as they shouldn’t be all dumped in the same level, as computer manufacturers produce differently than others. There are many tech choices available today. Do your research and find the one that suits your individual needs are very worth the population trend and I suggest that you get one for yourself for a purpose.

By:Tu Ngyuen

Writer, Photographer & Editor

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