Cross Country

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Cross Country

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It’s more than just running.

Would you ever consider going on 3+ mile run? If so Cross Country is the sport for you. The Cross Country (or XC) team here at Santiago has amounted to so much, with wins at league races and wins at more advanced invitational races. Although running may seem like it is the only premise to Cross Country, it really isn’t. Other factors do come into play like your diet, perseverance, and mindset. Let’s explore what runners need to do in order to have a great Cross Country season.

Your diet plays a big role in your cross country experience because of the need for lots of energy. Have you ever heard of carbo-loading? Carbo-loading is what most runners do before a big race, they eat lots of carbs like pasta or rice because it’s the easiest way to gain energy for the next day. The runners watch what they eat not only before races but before practice as well, some fatty, spicy, and high sodium foods may cause heartburn and even severe cramping before their run. One food that runners swear by are bananas, they are high in potassium and help prevent your muscles from cramping. It is highly recommended that runners watch what they eat in order to prevent hurting themselves and disappointing their teams.

Another thing that runners must take into consideration is their perseverance. They run 3 miles+ almost every day in preparation for their races, giving up isn’t on their agenda. The runners persist, disregarding what their body tells them, they go above and beyond to better their time. When runners run they don’t think about giving up because that will make them wanna give up. Giving up is embarrassing for both them and their team.

Although Cross Country is very physical your mindset plays a big part in your performance. If you’re running and you’re telling yourself to give up or to slow down all you’re doing is knocking yourself down. Negative thoughts lead to negative results. When the runners are racing or practicing they have positive mindsets, anyone with a positive mindset can go beyond their limits. Runners are also never perfect, there are always those bad days. It’s okay to mess up, but never let that bad day influence you negatively, learn and grow from this and let it become your motivation.

One runner even said, “[to not] be better than other people, be better than yourself”, comparing yourself to others will only put you down, but comparing yourself to your past self-brings you up.

Cross Country is one of the toughest sports with its restrictions and all, but its also very fun. Many runners create lasting friendships that feel like family. Like a family, they support and motivate each other, even at their worst times. Their Cross Country family is always growing, maybe try it out for yourself.

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