Meet Mrs. Alpert, The Santiago High School History Department Chair!

Greetings, Santiago High School Cavaliers! My name is Brian Khieu, and I am super excited to introduce you to Santiago High School’s History Department Chair, Mrs. Alpert. Before introducing her, I would like to tell you that you will likely get Mrs. Alpert as a teacher for Advanced Placement Human Geography, Honors World History, or College Prep World History, and I would also like to tell you will get Mrs. Alpert as a club staff member if you join Santiago High School’s Red Cross Club or the Santiago High School’s National Honor Society, and finally, I would like to tell you that Mrs. Alpert’s room number is room 107. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the article about our history department chair, Mrs. Alpert! Mrs. Alpert’s full name is Leslie Alpert. She is a Filipino American whose birthday isĀ on August 19, and she went to Cal State Fullerton as her university. Mrs. Alpert has twenty cousins, a pet named Louie, one brother named Jeff, and one sister named Kay. Mrs. Alpert spends her weekend with her family, watching movies, eating at restaurants, and exploring new places. Mrs. Alpert’s family is made up of her husband, her two children, her parents, her sister, Kay, her brother, Jeff, her in-laws, and her friends. Mrs. Alpert’s favorite teacher in her Elementary School is Mrs. Sullivan, her favorite teacher in her High School is Mr. Gardner, and her favorite teacher at her university at Cal State Fullerton is Professor Green. Other than history, her favorite school subject is Spanish. Mrs. Alpert came to Santiago High School in without having any prior teaching experience in the year of 2003. Mrs. Alpert has loved our teachers, our students, and being a Cav in our community for around twenty years. Even if Mrs. Alpert loves the students in our community, she still dislikes students who liter on campus. However, overall, Mrs. Alpert feels happy to be a part of our community, so she will stay in this community for many years to come. It is such an honor to introduce all of you to Mrs. Alpert of room 107 as the newest freshman member of Santiago High School’s Purple Press. It’s also such an honor to be a part of this community. It’s also an honor to have Mrs. Alpert in our community for around twenty years and for many more years to come! Thank you, Santiago High School Cavaliers, for reading my article, and have a great 2022-2023 school year!