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Cassandra Stevenson’s Bio
My name is Cassandra Stevenson. I am 16 years old, my birthday is February 2nd, Groundhog's day, and every 7 years, my birthday lands on Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm a junior here at SHS. I have many hobbies, of which include; playing/watching basketball (Go Warriors!), throwing a football around (Win, lose, tie, Raiders ‘til I die), listening to the radio, watching Fortnite videos by Fe4RLess, playing on the computer (pretty much a pro), I also like reading and writing. Also, I try to draw, but alas, I’m terrible at it. To add on, I love to try to bake and cook, but it doesn’t really work out. I like to go watch new movies, and these 4 old-ish ones I can watch over and over; ”Flushed Away”, “Spiderwick Chronicles”, “Zathura” and “Narnia”. I have 6 pets. There are 4 dogs at home, 3 boy dogs and one girl dog, there names are; Oreo (girl/mom of the 2), Dallas (boy/dad of the 2, spouse of Oreo), Smokey (boy/first born batch, son of Oreo and Dallas), and then Mr. Spot (boy/second born batch, brother of Smokey, and the son of Dallas and Oreo). I also have 2 cockatiel birds, Lady and Chico. And that’s about it about me for now. To know more, you just need to get to know me better.

Cassandra Stevenson, Student-V.P

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