Daniel Felix
Hi, my name is Daniel Felix and I was born on January 1st, 2003 in Garden Grove California. I lived in Garden Grove up until I was six then moved to Santa Barbara with my mom and sister because my parents split up. I lived in Santa Barbara for two years then moved back to Garden Grove and have lived here ever since. My friends would describe me as an introverted extrovert because I am sometimes really talkative and friendly but most of the time I am very timid and reserved. I am also really competitive, that’s when the extrovert comes out. My favorite school subjects are history, science, and English. A couple of hobbies I enjoy are listening to music and playing basketball. My favorite music genres include R&B, rap, pop, and 80's funk. My favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers and my favorite player of all time is Magic Johnson. I look forward to improving my writing, and learning more about the field of Journalism.`

Daniel Felix, Writer, Editor, and Photographer

The Santiago Online News