Lilian Olivia Molina-Reyes

Lilian Olivia Molina-Reyes, videographer

Hi, my name is Lily Molina. I’ve been working with Mrs. Heiland for the last three years. I’m a member of Santiago’s film crew. I'm a multimedia artist that works with traditional and digital media. I want to learn more about the industry and, hopefully, work there. Since I joined this class, I've been able to learn teamwork and communication skills

In the future, I want to go into the medical field as an echo tech, and then I can take on a side gig to sell my art. Having a stable job first before doing my passion is very important to me because I want not to have to rely on anyone for help. But after all that, I want to start my own small business or become a storyboard artist for games and movies. I've always been inspired by having to plan out shots and facial expressions and having it be the first draft of the projects. I want to be able to do both things that inspire me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember  “the cost of procrastination is the life you could have had.”

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Lilian Olivia Molina-Reyes