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Metzli Loza, Videograher, Editor and Photographer

Hello, My name is Metzli Loza and I’m a senior currently attending Santiago High School. I am seventeen years old and it is my first year at YFMS. I am also in the Fine Arts Club, Academic Decathlon, and GCA, and the secretary of the Advanced French Club. My favorite subjects are English and History. In my free time, I like to draw and look into art and literature. I’m looking forward to fitting as much of my contributions and efforts within the last school year as I can and YFMS has already proven helpful to me in succeeding that part of my journey. 

I joined this class because I grew up watching many movies with my family. It became a part of my life to watch so many because, over time, I noticed the different aspects within the films that would make one memorable or unique. I specifically like films that have good storytelling and provide significance as to why scenes may have been shot a certain way, well-placed callbacks, symbolism, foreshadowing, or why certain actions took place. Some of my favorite movies exemplify this well, they include; El Norte, 1917, Titanic, Get Out, La Bamba, Blow, and The Elephant Man. The intricacies in the making of these films piqued my interest most and inspired me to be part of the production process. 

I’ve discovered one of my favorite things is to scriptwrite and I enjoy writing out the specifics of a film and also editing my scripts. Being in the digital film crew so far has taught me to value skills I thought not necessary, and utilize them in my work. I also began to take self-discipline more seriously and learned to collaborate with others, manage teamwork, and be patient. The projects I’ve worked on so far have also made for some amazing memories and given me opportunities to expand my knowledge. Applying everything Ive learned from YFMS has allowed me to keep an open mindset and it generally serves as an outlet to carefully construct and express creativity in a way that challenges the producer.


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Metzli Loza