Trigo Cipriano

Trigo Cipriano, Videographer

Hey, my name is Trigo Cipriano and I'm a senior at Santiago. This is my second year in this class and I wish I would have been a part of it for all 4 years. I’m 17 years old and turn 18 in September. 

I spend most of my time creating something new, hoping that I’ll reach the right audience and influence others. I currently wish to be an accountant at Cal State Fullerton and will continue my creative quest on the side. I am versatile when it comes to art, and have had several peers take notice of my work. I take inspiration from music, some notable artists being Frank Ocean, Ecco2k, and Dean Blunt. From these artists, I've come to a clearer understanding of what art is and how everyone else interprets it. The true meaning of art is only up to one person, and it is you. 

I hope to influence people, even if it's only a single person. I believe everyone has the chance to succeed, you just have to live your life reaching for your goal. I hope to live a peaceful life and move near my family. I hope to achieve the greatest of goals. And I hope all my friends make it with me. 

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Trigo Cipriano