Trinity Pham

Trinity Pham, Graphic Designer

Hi! My name is Trinity Pham and I’m in 12th grade. I have been in the media crew for two years now and in this class, it’s always bustling with new projects and something new to look forward to. Something I am excited to work on is getting farther into animation and becoming proficient in bringing my creativity and imagination to life. 

       In the future, I aspire to become a creative designer, in other words, focusing on the creative decisions made towards advertisements, logos, products, etc. Right now, I’ve taken a UC Graphic Design course in the eleventh grade and plan to pursue graphic design as a major for college in the future. I am also social media coordinator for SHS Girls’ League, as well as publicity for CSF (aka California Scholarship Federation). Through these officer positions, I’ve learned the importance of communication, as well as having an open mind for new ideas and putting them together to make a bigger and better product. My interest in design comes from putting different parts together to put my imagination into a reality. It creates a world that has no limits and a place where my mind can run wild. Someone I look up to is John Lasseter and his work on Cars as well as the movie Toy Story. He’s a creative officer for Pixar Studios and I think it’s inspiring for what he has achieved. Something I enjoy doing is doodling and writing because it creates an open door for thoughts and new ideas. I hope to take advantage of new opportunities that come my way and the future ahead of me.

          Overall, I look forward to future projects, exploring the different parts of design, and hands-on work, as well as creating connections with others and my path to becoming a successful, creative designer. Thank you all for your time!

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Trinity Pham